This is once again a ‘Lost & found’ horary, but this time for a change, I have chosen a case already solved by another astrologer.

(Jyotish Shastri) Ms. Abha Karandikar is Pune’s renowned astrologer. She recently published a video explaining a case she solved. Today’s case study is the same, except that Ms. Abha solved it using Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP) and I am solving it by Western Horary techniques. Please don’t misunderstand, I am in no way trying to demean Ms. Abha and her techniques, but rather trying to demonstrate how Western Astrology techniques can be effectively used to solve a horary query.

I have taken official permission from Ms. Abha Karandikar to use the data from her case study.

Let us begin.

First of all, we collect all the facts pertaining to the query. Of course, this case study is a postmortem study and the querent is not available for any additional details/clarifications. Whatever information that Ms. Abha had given in her video, that’s all we have.

  • Querent (let us call her as Ms. XYZ), called Ms. Abha regarding a lost gold necklace, Ms. XYZ remembers wearing that necklace at a party/function sometime in December 2018. That was probably the last she saw that necklace.
  • Since then Ms. XYZ was searching for that necklace all over the place but couldn’t find it.
  • The query was asked on 11 Jan 2019 around 9:00 PM.
  • Abha solved this query the next day that is on 12th Jan 2019, time was 14:34. Location Pune (Maharashtra, India).
  • Abha gave her prediction and as one would expect from such a fine astrologer, she accurately predicted where the misplaced necklace could be found and when it will be recovered.

Let us try to solve the same case using Western Astrology techniques.

Any Horary consultation begins with understanding querent’s exact query. Many times the querent is quite confused about what to ask, how to ask etc. It is then the astrologer’s job to extract all necessary information from the querent and help the querent form a crisp query out of the babble.

Once the query is crystal clear, it is time to erect a horary chart for the said query. In Horary practices, horary chart is erected for the precise moment a query is asked and understood by the astrologer.

Basic principle of Horary is that the chart erected at the query time contains its answer, means client not only comes with his/her query but also the answer to the query itself, albeit hidden somewhere in the chart, and then it is astrologer’s job (or rather skill!) to dig out that answer. Answer to the query is always (well, at least most of the cases!) embedded into the planetary positions at the query time! That’s why capturing the precise moment when the query is framed by the querent is the most important and crucial step in the process. Capturing this precise moment is ‘the Essence of Harry’! That’s why it must be recorded with utmost accuracy and then the horary chart to address the said query must be erected for that exact moment and for a place where the astrologer is present at that moment. A chart erected for the same query but with some other timestamp or place won’t provide the correct answer.

In this case, although the query was asked and understood on 11th Jan 2019 around 9:00 Pm (exact time is not known) Ms. Abha didn’t erect the horary chart for that query time but rather she chose a different day and time as per her convenience.

This happens many times, querent asks a query but astrologer may not be in a position to erect chart at that very instant (and solve the same), then it is a common practice to note down the query, query time (and all relevant details) but erecting a horary chart and solving it is differed to a later date, routine I would say, but while doing so, astrologer must use the noted time and place to erect the chart. But in this case Ms. Abha did rather differently, she erected a horary chart as per her convenience and instead of using the query time (11 Jan 2019, around 9:00 PM) she used her own time (12 Jan 2019, 14:34).

Further, she framed the question differently, as we all know that for Horary wording of the query itself has a lot of bearing on how we approach the query. When Ms. XYZ asked her query, she might have used wording something similar to “I misplaced my gold necklace somewhere, it is missing for last one month and I am searching for it but no trace of it, can you help me finding my necklace?”  Perfect, a properly worded horary question, free from any ambiguity.

But while erecting a horary chart, Ms. Abha framed the same question in different wording as: “Where is Ms. XYZ’s gold necklace?”

Original मराठी (Marathi) verbatim: “12 तारखेला 12 जानेवारी 2019 ला मी दुपारी 02:34 मिनिटांनी, मनात विचार आला, ह्या ताईंचे मंगळसुत्र कोठे असेल जरा आपण बघूयाच…”

English translation: “On 12th January 2019, 14:34, a thought came to my mind, ‘Where Ms. XYZ’s gold necklace, let me try find ing it”

This point to be noted because when the querent asked her query the wording was:

“Where is my gold necklace?” but when the horary chart was created wording of the query changed to “Where is Ms. XYZ’s gold necklace?’!

And that can make a lot of difference! How?

If the query was” Where is my necklace?” then naturally query is coming directly from the querent (who has lost/misplaced the object) and when the query is “Where is Ms. XYZ’s gold necklace?’! Then the question is being asked on behalf of Ms. XYZ.

In the first scenario, we would be addressing the querent (first person) and in the second we are dealing with a third person!

Here not only the horary chart is erected at a different time than the original query time but the wording of the query is also changed as a result, the querent itself is changed. Now the wording of the query is such that Ms. Abha herself acting as a querent instead of Ms. XYZ (the real querent!).

Anyway, as we are looking at a solved query, so we won’t be changing anything that has been said, so we would use the same query in exact same wording and the same chart (for the time and place) that erected and used by Ms. Abha Except that Ms. Abha used Sidereal zodiac and we will be using Tropical.

Date: 12th Jan 2019
Time: 14:34

Place: Pune (73E52, 18N31, GMT+5:30)


12 तारखेला 12 जानेवारी 2019 ला मी दुपारी 02:34 मिनिटांनी, मनात विचार आला, ह्या ताईंचे मंगळसुत्र कोठे असेल जरा आपण बघूयाच…”

“On 12th January 2019, 14:34, a thought came to my mind, ‘Where is MS XYZ’s gold necklace, let me try to find out”



This is a Tropical (Sayan) chart, incorporating the Placidus House system and True nodes.

Interpretation of a horary chart differs in many vital points from the interpretation of a natal chart. The horary chart does not contain the nuances of a natal chart, and the picture that the horary chart presents is more or less in Black & White.

A glance at the chart says that it is an early Ascendant chart! The Ascendant is at 00 Gemini 42!

In horary, there are certain (planetary or otherwise) conditions called ‘strictures’ or ‘consideration before judgment’ that suggests that the chart is rather impossible to read or can be interpreted only with the most extreme caution!

There is a long list of such strictures, some astrologers follow it to the ‘T’, while some astrologers just take a note of any such strictures and trade cautiously. I am from this second camp.

Early Ascendant (Ascendants degrees between 0 to 3 degrees) suggests that the situation to which the query refers does not give us enough to go on. The question is premature. It is still too early to be able to answer. Further developments must take place before the matter is ripe enough for a horary chart. Or it could be when the querent does not ask out of a serious or settled intention.

Many times it is observed that earliness (or lateness) of the Ascendant is actually part of the answer. The “too early” Ascendant implies that there are still unforeseen events or people that may still impinge on the outcome: the resolution to the question, the result, is not yet fixed.

Where an early Ascendant is in evidence, the astrologer might want to reassure the querent that they are worrying too soon, or that they do not have enough information. Much depends on what else the chart has to offer, but should the astrologer decide to proceed with early degrees (applicable for late degree Ascendant too) rising, the condition should be allowed to modify the judgment.

When I see an early Ascendant that is in between 0 to 3 degrees, I assume that the delineation that this chart might provide only represents a trend, but one that can be changed easily by subsequent events. There is simply too much of ‘Free Will’ in the system: the odds are not good enough to pick a winner. The only thing one can safely say is that circumstances will change – and probably quite quickly.

Now we are solving a query which in fact already answered long back and answer given at that time has proved correct, so we need not bother this ‘Early Ascendant’ stricture, well, at least in this case. For some other chart, we shouldn’t be ignoring this condition.

So nothing to worry just because it is an early ascendant chart, let us continue with the chart.

First, let’s decide who are the players in this game (or roles in the show)?

  1. The querent
  2. The lost/misplaced object (Gold necklace)

That’s all, nothing more to add, being a ‘Lost & Found” horary.

Now we need to assign planet/s to these roles in the play.

The querent is always represented by the Ascendant, its ruler, planets in the first house and the Moon also represents the querent.

But here is the twist, I was talking about!

Usually, it is the querent astrologer directly asking his/her own question, but in this horary, the query indeed asked by Ms. XYS (real querent), but the way the horary chart was erected and query in astrologer’s mind at that time does suggest that the query is being asked by the astrologer herself on the behalf of Ms. XYZ.

Look here what was the actual query:

12 तारखेला 12 जानेवारी 2019 ला मी दुपारी 02:34 मिनिटांनी, मनात विचार आला, ह्या ताईंचे मंगळसुत्र कोठे असेल जरा आपण बघूयाच…”

“On 12th January 2019, 14:34, a thought came to my mind, ‘Where is MS XYZ’s gold necklace, let me try finding it”

Astrologer herself asked the query on behalf of her client Ms. XYZ, which means the query is not about the Astrologer herself though she raised it. As the query is for Ms. XYZ a third person, in this case, we need to turn the chart to reflect the real querent, Ms. XYZ!

As the third person is always studied through 7th house, radical 7th house would represent Ms. XYZ, consider this as a modified Ascendant, which means ruler of 7th cusp, planets in the 7th cusp would represent the real querent, Ms. XYZ.

7th cusp (turned 1st) starts at 00 Sag 42, so ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter would represent Ms. XYZ, Jupiter and Venus are posited in the 7th house (turned 1st) so that is another significator for Ms. XYZ. In normal cases, the Moon always acts as a co-significator of the querent, but in ‘Lost & Found’ horary, the Moon is treated as a natural significator for any lost/misplaced/ stolen article. So here we can’t assign co-rulership of querent to the Moon, instead, the Moon would represent the lost article.  So only Jupiter and Venus are the significators for Ms. XYZ.

Now towards the next player in this game, that is the lost/misplaced necklace.

What is lost here? A gold necklace, an ornament of personal possession. Personal and moveable possessions are always signified by the 2nd house and its ruler, planets posited in the 2nd house. Sometimes we also consider the dispositor of Part of Fortuna (PoF or Fortuna).

Here we must not take the radical 2nd house (that would be Ms. Ahab’s personal possessions!) but 2nd house in the turned chart, as radical 7th House is the now the 1st house, radical 8th house would be the house of the lost article. Ruler of radical 8th house and planets therein would jointly represent the lost article. Besides we can consider dispositor of PoF and lastly natural significator of the lost article.

There are some special cases wherein we have to consider the 4th house instead of 2nd house, I will provide more insights on such special circumstances perhaps through a separate article/ case study at a later day. At present we just take the 2nd house for the lost article and proceed.

8th (radical) cusp starts at 27 Sag 14, which means Jupiter again, as Jupiter is already representing the querent we can’t take it as a significator of the lost article. Sun, Saturn and Mercury are posited in (radical) 8th, so all three could represent the lost article. And then as said earlier there is always a natural significator of the lost article.

Different planets signify different things, here is a sample list:

  1. Sun: gold, brass, objects of value, rich furnishings.
  2. Moon: silver, silverware, kitchenware, pearl, pale or white things, items of sentimental value, common everyday objects.
  3. Mercury: papers, books, paper money.
  4. Venus: copper, bronze, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes.
  5. Mars: tools, machinery, iron and steel, sharp instruments.
  6. Jupiter: colleges, souvenirs, holy objects.
  7. Saturn: lead, zinc, work clothes, leather.
  8. Uranus: auto parts, electrical appliances, electronics.
  9. Neptune: glass, photographic equipment, tobacco, alcohol, medicine.
  10. Pluto: junk items with no value, garbage, toiletries.

Going by the list above, the lost object being a golden ornament, the Sun and Venus fit the bill, so let us include both.

Do we need to add here the dispositor for PoF? Technically we should but why bother when we already have a handful of significators for the lost article. We may consider PoF only if we couldn’t conclude based on any of the significators defined so far, why complicate the matter unnecessarily?

So we have Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus all would represent the lost article, of course, we can’t use all these significators at the same time, we have to have some discrimination!

Out of all these significators, I dropped Saturn and Mercury for obvious reasons, they have no business as far as a gold necklace is concerned. The Moon can’t be eliminated so let us keep it as a significator, Venus and the Sun both are natural significators, while the Sun is more analogous to the lost article, (expensive, decorative, gold article) further the Sun is quite promising being in the radical 8th house (that is 2nd house of the turned chart). So we still have Moon, Sun and Venus as significators for the lost article!

We still can’t work with more than two significators. Why two? Moon is always there plus the second one as a house ruler/ as natural significator/ as a planet in the quesited house/ as dispositor of PoF.

We must choose between the Sun and Venus. It is prudent to check the dignities of the Sun and Venus!




Sun: Sun is in the fall of Jupiter (Querent)!
Venus: Venus is in the rulership of Jupiter (Querent) also in the terms of Jupiter (Querent)

This is concluding! No further proof required! Venus is the planet and would represent the gold necklace along with the Moon, the default co-significator for the lost/misplaced article.

So we defined the players in this game, querent and lost article and their representatives.

So let’s begin the investigation!

For any ‘Lost & Found” Horary there are always three possibilities.

  1. Object is lost
  2. Object is stolen
  3. Object is misplaced

We must find out this, why? Because our approach would change based on what has happened. The parameters/factors/ assumptions, all that we use in solving such types of Horary are different for each such scenario.

For example, if the object is stolen, instead of the object we must focus on the probable thief, once we identify and locate the thief (Or rather suspect) it is easy to find the object. If the object is just misplaced then it becomes quite easy for the object is most probably in the possession of querent and s/he has just forgotten where s/he placed it last.

In every ‘Lost & Found’ case, we must carefully study all background information, ask lots of questions to the querent (sometimes on the lines of police interrogation!) to find out whether the object is lost, misplaced or stolen!

Many times querent is not certain whether the object is lost or stolen or misplaced, as an astrologer it is our job to find out what has happened. Sometimes it becomes pretty obvious from what story the querent is telling while in some cases it is difficult to determine what exactly has happened so we need to consider all three possibilities.

In this horary, the case is already solved and lost object has been recovered so we need not bother about stolen or lost, it is a clear case of a misplaced item. As the object is just misplaced, the object is still in the querent’s possession, our job is much easier, and to begin with, I would rather say.

So the object though called as ‘lost object’ indeed has been misplaced and is a valuable item, so most probably it must be in the house.

Once we ascertain about lost/stolen/misplaced’, our next step would be to check where are the two Luminaries/Lights (the Sun and the Moon) posited. Three Sun-Moon combinations are possible, both could be above the horizon or both could be below the horizon or one is above the horizon and the other one is below the horizon. Above the horizon means in the houses 7,8,9,10,11,12 and below the horizon means in the houses 1, 2,3,4,5,6.

If both luminaries are above the horizon or at least one of them is above the horizon, chances of recovery are good. This is not assurance but there are hopes!

When both the Sun and the Moon found to be ‘below the horizon’ that is both are “under the Earth,” which is supposed to be an indication of non-recovery. The idea is that in conditions of complete darkness it is difficult (though not impossible) to find something lost.

In this chart, both the Sun and the Moon are in radical 8th and radical 11th respectively mean both are above the horizon, so there are good chances of recovery!

So far we have concluded on a couple of things:

  1. The object is not lost or stolen but just misplaced somewhere in the house!
  2. Jupiter represents the querent and the Moon and Venus represent the ‘misplaced article’.
  3. Chances of recovery are high as both of the luminaries are above the horizon.

Now our next step is to decide “Whether the misplaced item be recovered or else?

There are many ways we can check this, just to list a few:

  1. Application from the Moon to the Ascendant or its ruler.
  2.  Application from the Moon or 2nd ruler to the 2nd house or its ruler, or to a planet in the 2nd, or to Fortuna.
  3. Application from the Moon to its dispositor.
  4. The Sun and Moon aspecting each other or the cusp of the 2nd house by trine.
  5. The Sun in the ascendant (unless in Libra or Aquarius, where it is debilitated).
  6. The Moon, 2nd-ruler, Asc-ruler or a fortune (Jupiter, Venus, Fortuna, North Node) placed in the Ascendant, 2nd house or 4th
  7. The Moon or 2nd ruler angular.

While there some testimonies that would suggest No (or difficult) Recovery

  1. Both Sun and Moon ‘Under the earth’.
  2. The Moon or 2nd ruler cadent or far from the querent’s significator.
  3. The Moon or 2nd-ruler in the 7th or 8th house, aspected by the ruler of the 7th – this suggests the missing item has been stolen (the 7th house indicating that it has been taken by another, the 8th house indicating that person has already sold it or profited by it).
  4. Fortuna or the Moon disposed by an infortune (Mars, Saturn, South Node, Uranus), or an infortune in the ascendant or 2nd Infortunes suggests loss or damage to the goods.
  5. The same is indicated by an affliction of the 2nd house cusp.
  6. The Moon or 2nd ruler ‘Under the Sun’s beams / Combust’, in the 8th or applying to 8th-ruler.
  7. The Moon or 2nd ruler separating from its own dispositor.
  8. The Moon or 2nd ruler aspecting an infortune – it has fallen into the possession of a dishonest person who will keep it. (Especially if the infortune also aspects the ascendant or Asc-ruler.)

Quite a marathon task to check all these, don’t worry, it is not that difficult.

Let’s check testimonies for recovery:

Application from the Moon to the ascendant or its ruler.

This is fulfilled as the Moon trines Jupiter (Asc ruler) and also the Moon at 00 Aries 23 trines the (turned) Ascendant at 00 Sag 42.

Application from the Moon or 2nd ruler to the 2nd house or its ruler, or to a planet in the 2nd, or to Fortuna.

This is fulfilled, as the Moon trines )turned) 2nd ruler Jupiter, (turned) 2nd house cusp at 27 Sag, the Moon will be squaring Saturn, Mercury, Sun and Pluto all (turned) 2nd house planets. Also, the Moon will be forming an inconjunct aspect with PoF (Fortuna) on 9 Leo.

Application from the Moon to its dispositor.

This is also fulfilled, as the Mon is conjuncting her dispositor, Mars

The Sun and Moon aspecting each other or the cusp of the 2nd house by trine

At present, the Moon is not in aspect with the Sun but soon the Moon will be in a square with the Sun. The Moon will be in Trine with 2nd House and the Sun will be in a square with 2nd house

The Sun in the Ascendant (unless in Libra or Aquarius, where it is debilitated).

This is not fulfilled.

The Moon, 2nd ruler, Asc-ruler or a fortune (Jupiter, Venus, Fortuna, North Node) placed in the Ascendant, 2nd house or 4th
This is fulfilled, as Jupiter, the ruler of (turned) 2nd is in Ascendant,

The Moon or 2nd ruler angular. This is fulfilled as Jupiter the (turned) 2nd ruler is in (turned) Asc, angular house.

Out of seven, six conditions are fulfilled, which means there are high chances of recovery!

Now towards, arguments against non-recovery (conditions that suggest a non-recovery)

Both Sun and Moon ‘Under the earth.

No, both the Sun and the Moon are above the horizon being in 11th and 8th house resp.

The Moon or 2nd ruler cadent or far from the querent’s significator.

No. The Moon is in  Succedent Houses (11th radical) and  2nd ruler Jupiter is in Angular house(radical 7th) , Jupiter is both the querent’s significator and 2nd ruler, though the Moon is away from querent’s significator.

The Moon or 2nd-ruler in the 7th or 8th house, aspected by the ruler of the 7th  – this suggests the missing item has been stolen (the 7th house indicating that it has been taken by another, the 8th house indicating that person has already sold it or profited by it).

No. The Moon is in 11th, pretty good house to be in. At present 7th ruler Mercury is not in aspect with the Moon.

Fortuna or the Moon disposed by an infortune (Mars, Saturn, South Node, Uranus), or an infortune in the ascendant or 2nd house. Infortunes suggest loss or damage to the goods.

No. The Fortuna in the 3rd house is disposed by the Sun!

The same is indicated by the affliction of the 2nd house cusp.

No. The 2nd cusp is not afflicted.

The Moon or 2nd ruler ‘Under the Sun’s beam or Combust in the 8th or applying to 8th-ruler.

No. Both the Moon and 2nd ruler Jupiter are away from the Sun, not under the Sun’s beams.

The Moon or 2nd ruler separating from its dispositor.

No, the Moon is applying to its own dispositor Mars, 2nd ruler Jupiter is his dispositor.

The Moon or 2nd ruler aspecting an infortune – it has fallen into the possession of a dishonest person who will keep it. (Especially if the infortune also aspects the ascendant or Asc-ruler.)

No. neither the Moon nor 2nd ruler Jupiter are in aspect with any infortune.

So lots of positive indications confirming the recovery while there is not a single confirmation suggesting a non-recovery!

Now we need to check whether there is any possibility of significators of querent and lost object forming some perfect Ptolemaic aspect or otherwise coming together, as by transfer or collection of light. If we could find this then it is almost certain that the misplaced object will be recovered.

We have Jupiter as sole significator for querent and the Moon and Venus as significators for the ‘misplaced object’.

We need to check contacts between:

Venus and Jupiter


Moon and Jupiter

Venus is at 5 Sag and Jupiter is at 14 Sag, means Venus will conjunct Jupiter, in just 9 degrees, and Venus is not turning retrograde anytime soon (at least till it completes the conjunction with Jupiter). This is a strong testimony for recovery! But it seems that while approaching Jupiter, Venus is making a trine aspect with Mars at 7 Aries!  A quick look at ephemeris confirms this, Venus when at 11 Sag will make that Trine with Mars (then at 11 Aries) and only then Venus will conjunct Jupiter. Interestingly Mars is also getting into a trine with Jupiter in due course of time not far away.

So the timeline is: Venus —-> Mars  || Venus–> Jupiter ||  Mars -> Jupiter

Though both significators (Venus and Jupiter) are meeting at someplace in the future, their journey is not easy means without any intervene. Here Mars is coming in between Venus and Jupiter!

This is sort of a ‘Prohibition’, that is:

Prohibition. Two planets, significators, are applying toward a major aspect, but before it perfects, a third planet perfects a major aspect to one of the two significators. When planet A is applying to aspect planet B, but before planet A can get to planet B, planet A, aspects or is aspected by planet C, this is called prohibition. C has prohibited the aspect between A and B by getting in the way.

In William Lilly’s words:

“When two Planets that signify the effecting or bringing to conclusion anything demanded, are applying to an Aspect; and before they can come to a true Aspect, another Planet interposes either his body or aspect, so that thereby the matter propounded is hindered and retarded!”

Mars is certainly prohibiting the perfection (of aspect between Venus and Jupiter) and this often denies perfection of the outcome. But we should pay attention to what this interposing planet (Mars here) is – what is its nature, what is its dignity, what is it ruling.

Prohibition might not necessarily prohibit a positive outcome, but at least show some sort of outside interference, the nature of which will be revealed by the interfering planet and the house it rules in the horary chart. In this chart, Mars itself being in Aries is in its rulership, quite strong in its own right but at the same time, Mars is in the detriment of Venus. And further Mars is forming a trine with Jupiter (Querent). Mars is the ruler of the turned 5th house, as we know that the 5th house denotes the logical end of the 2nd house matters, being 4th from 2nd.  The 2nd house here is for misplaced object hence end of this object is rather pleasant, as 5th ruler Mars is pretty strong and after all, it is meeting with 2nd ruler Jupiter (which eventually is the querent also) so most probably intervene from Mars not necessarily mean denial of the desired outcome, but rather it suggests some obstacles/hindrance or hinting for an outside help.

Enough said.

Now we turn to the Moon, for the Moon the always the co-significator of lost/stolen/misplaced object.  So let check what’s happening between the Moon and Jupiter (Querent).

The Moon has just changed the sign, and literally at 0 degrees of its current sign of Aries. This change of sign does suggest a change in circumstance and it is evident from the fact that the querent was searching for this misplaced item for last full moth but to no avail and finally decided to ask a query, that too, to an astrologer of caliber, Ms. Abha! Now as the Moon has changed her sign, there are hopes and perhaps the Moon being the fasted body, might bring some good results and fast too!

The Moon is at 0 Aries and she is making a trine with Jupiter (querent) in 14 degrees. However just what is happening between Venus-Jupiter pair, here also the Moon is bumping on Mars, Mercury and Saturn! Prohibition once again.

But we shouldn’t bother much for we have very strong testimonies for recovery that outweigh this prohibition.

So we conclude that:

Recovery is possible albeit some obstacles or it could be that querent might need some outside help. Mars in 5th (turned chart), the cause of obstacle and (perhaps indicator of external help too) suggests obstacle and/or help could be because of/from querent’s kids/boyfriend (if any).

Sounds good. But this much answer is not enough!

Though we have a pretty convincing and encouraging conclusion regarding the recovery this alone won’t satisfy the querent. In “Lost& found’ type queries, the querent is more interested in where the object could be found? Place, direction, condition, etc.

We must find out:

  1. Where is the object?
  2. When it will be recovered?

Let’s try.

We begin with the first question: Where is the object?

We have some initial pointers in that direction. The Moon has just changed sign that itself suggests a dramatic and speedy recovery.

There are certain observations regarding where to locate lost/ stolen /misplaced articles.

If the significator of lost/stolen/missing object is in:

Angular houses – It is near its owner, and suggests a quick recovery.

Succedent houses – The missing item to be some way off but not too far. It could also indicate that it is to the right

Cadent houses – It is a long way off and unlikely to be found. If other testimonies are promising a recovery, it may show it is to the left.

Further, if the 2nd ruler is in the Ascendant, or in the same sign as the Asc ruler, or is situated in one of the signs it rules, the missing object most probably will be found at places where the querent spends most of her/his time.

We have, Venus and Jupiter representative of the misplaced object, are in Angular (being in 7th radical / 1st turned ) house and both are in the cardinal sign of Sagittarius, so object is still in querent’s possession and it is most probably in the house or rather within the house at a place where querent frequents. Recovery of course almost certain and that too quickly.

The element that appears on the second house cusp and the placement of the second house ruler is good general indicators of location.

Air signs in the second house signify the highest parts of a room or area.

Fire signs show that the object is about halfway-up in height while

Water signs speak of areas low in the room or below ground level, such as a cellar.

Earth signs are the element indicating a search on the ground or floor.

Here 2nd cusp starts at 27 Sag, means a Fire sign! So the object is about halfway-up in height. Now given the nature of the object (gold ornament), this halfway up in the height could mean the object is in a cupboard/wardrobe. And if the cupboard/wardrobe is of full height, that is from floor to ceiling, then the object is somewhere in the middle shelf/compartment.

For the direction of the missing object, we could use a sign occupied by the significator of the lost object. Sometimes the location of a missing thing is also shown by the placement of the ruler of the 4th house of “buried treasure.”

Here, Venus representing the misplaced object is in Sagittarius in the 1st house, while (turned chart) 4th cusp is in Aquarius ruled by Saturn, who is in Capricorn in the (turned chart) 2nd House.

We have some guidelines for signs v/s directions:



Going by this table and using signs occupied by Venus and Sun (dispositor of PoF), that is Sagittarius and Capricorn. We conclude that:

The object is in the South or South-East.

Further considering the planetary significance of all involved planets, Venus, Jupiter, and Sun. We can further add:

Wardrobes, pleasant woods, churches, law courts, places which are neat & orderly.

The object is at a place where it normally should be; in the home; within the home, where the querent spends a lot of time; in a visible place. A place where prayer books and college books are stored, among memorabilia, place where woolen products are stored, a room where very expensive furniture or imported things are kept.

The presence of Mars or its involvement is intriguing! This Mars in making aspects with all parties involved in this game, that is, The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, means Mars is somewhat connected to the misplaced object. I thought that this might be an indication of something red or it could be some sharp object, firearm, hot/explosive something. This further substantiated by the Moon’s placement is Aries or rather entry into Mar’s own sign of Aries.

One interesting observation here is:

How the goods have become lost is judged from the last aspect of the Ascendant ruler. For example, if it separates from Saturn, it may be due to forgetfulness. And surprisingly, Jupiter (2nd ruler) made a semi-sextile (30-degree aspect) with Saturn at 12 Capricorn!

Now we come to the second (and perhaps the most crucial one): When it will be recovered?

We have some initial pointers in that direction. The Moon has just changed sign, both the querent and lost object are in Angular and Cardinal. This all suggests a dramatic and speedy recovery.

We will use the Moon as a timing parameter, the Moon is perfecting a trine with Jupiter (querent) albeit some obstacles from Mercury, Mars, and Saturn. But we already dealt with it. Further, we treat the Moon only as a timing mechanism here.

The Moon needs to travel just 14 degrees to form a perfect trine with Jupiter.

If we devise a time scale, it would be something like this:

Minutes-Hours- Days


Hours – Days _ weeks


Weeks – Months – Years

Given the nature of the query and other supporting testimonies we gathered so far, things are going to happen fast so weeks and months are out of question. So it is now a matter of some hours or days at the most.

So our primary estimate could be either 14 hours or 14 days. Fair enough.

It is my practice to check ephemeris when the timing is concerned. And ephemeris tells us that the Moon is making a perfect trine with Jupiter on 13 Jan 2019, 16:00, if we consider 1-degree orb here then the window period could be between 16:00 to 18:00, in the real-time sense.



And that’ it.


Querent call Ms. Abha on 13th Jan 2019 around 4:00 to 4:30 PM saying the object was recovered! Object was in the house, in the bedroom which is towards the south of the house, on wardrobe, behind a stack of freshly ironed clothes in a maroon-colored pouch!



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