मी दोन अत्यंत प्रतिष्टीत अशा ‘होरारी अस्ट्रॉलॉजी’ ग्रुप्सचा सदस्य आहे. सध्या हे दोन्ही ग्रुप्स ‘फेसबुक’ च्या माध्यमातुन चालवले जात आहेत.
अर्थातच हे दोन्ही ग्रुप ज्योतिष अभ्यासकांसाठी आहेत (फुकट ज्योतिषाची खिरापत ईथे वाटली जात नाही !) . अधुन मधुन आम्ही काही क्वीझ कॉन्टेक्स्ट चालवतो. अशा नुकत्याच घेतलेल्या स्पर्धेत मी थोडेफार यश मिळवले आहे. त्या बद्दल थोडेसे:

वेस्टर्न होरारी मध्ये ‘कंसलटेशन चार्ट ‘ नामक प्रकार आहे, जातक जेव्हा प्रत्यक्षात भेटतो तेव्हा त्या क्षणाची म्हणून एकखास पत्रिका बनवली जाती त्यालाच कन्सलटेशन चार्ट म्हणतात. या बद्दल मी आधीच्या काही पोष्ट्स मधून लिहले आहे , तसेच एका केस स्ट्डीच्या निमित्तने (खोसला का घोसला) या कन्सलटेशन चार्ट चा वापर कसा करतात आणि त्यातून किती आश्चर्यकारक माहीती गोळा करता येते हे दाखवून दिले आहे.

या क्विझ चा विषय हाच होता; “कन्सलटेशन चार्ट दिला आहे , आता त्यावरुन जातका बद्दल आणि त्याच्या प्रश्नाबद्दल काय सांगता येईल?”

ईलेन चा प्रश्न असा होता:


Elena Lumen

A few weeks earlier on this forum, we had discussions how to understand intent of the client from the chart of his or her first contact, and also if it is better to use charts of the initial contact/client’s time and place of the question or the practitioner’s. Same topic was discussed at one of the lectures at the Cosmic Clock conference in Arizona, I have recently attended. So I decided to post an interesting challenge (I hope). I’m posting a chart of first contact from a new client who requested a consultation but did not say why she wanted to see me (time and location are hers). See if you can get her issue/intent for the consultation from this chart. Later I’ll post the chart for when she specifically asked her question, and I used my time/location for that. But this first chart is pretty descriptive about her question and state of being, I think. Have fun!


तो ‘कन्सलटेशन चार्ट’ इथे शेजारी छापला आहे .

Quiz FB TR Horary Group

चार्ट्चा डेटा:
11 Apr 2015, 16:38:00 (PDT +07:00:00‌)
Mountain View CA, USA ,. 122w04’58, 37n23’10

दिलेला ‘कन्सलटेशन चार्ट’ अवघड होता पण मी प्रयत्न करायचे ठरवले. अशा क्विझ मध्ये बडे ज्योतिषी सहसा भाग घेत नाहीत काहींना वेळ नसल्याने भाग घेता येत नाही पण बरेच जण भविष्य चुकले तर ‘रेप्युटेशन’ खराब होईल अशा भितीने भाग घेत नाहीत (हा अनुभव आम्हाला आमच्या ‘याहू’ ग्रुप्स वर नेहमीच येतो.!

मी याला घाबरत नाही, अरे चुकले तर चुकले त्यात काय मोठेसे !

‘ मेरे गिरने भी मेरी हार नहीं , की मैं आदमी हूँ अवतार नहीं ।’

अशी माझी घारणा आहे. असो.

मी दिलेले उत्तर असे होते:

Suharto Gokhale:  I am just a student of Horary Astrology, a total novice but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

My observations so far suggest me that with Virgo on the Ascendant, querent is concerned with work (job/profession) as Ascendant ruler Mercury rules the 10th house, however sometimes querent has health related queries.
Ascendant ruler Mercury is in 8th house suggests that worry, anxiety and hardship related to either health or work. Query regarding ‘change in job or finding a job?’

Moon just separated from a square aspect with Uranus and conjunction with Pluto. Something strange, unconventional, shocking must have happened with querent in the recent past. Pluto almost on 5th cusp and Uranus in 8th house suggest that this could be a big financial loss. Or it could be loss of job (as loss of job itself is a financial loss).
Neptune is separating from part of fortune (10th House) and Saturn (3rd House) (both square aspects) substantiate earlier findings.

2nd House (Querent’s finance) ruler is Venus; she has just changed sign, also suggest that some changes in financial situation.

Moon is applying the Sun and Mercury; Part of fortune is on the 10th cusp indicates that querent will soon find a job that might change his/her fortune.

Saturn is applying to Venus (square aspect): Saturn is retrograde. Delays and obstacles in contacts / agreements related to finance (or job offer?)

Uranus applying to part of fortune (sextile aspect) also indicates some expected (gain) happening with respect to finance.
Some other observations:

Neptune is 6th suggests the querent is engaged into:
‘care taking / healing’ work? Psychology is also possible. Mercury (ruler of Ascendant) suggests Taxes and Insurance products/services

क्वीझ चे उत्तर असे आहे:
Elena Lumen Looks like no one is going to take a stab at this? The querent came for a reading because she is an international student and her family recently told her they have no money to pay for her studies in the US, so she has to make a decision either to stay here or come back home to another country. Notice her state of overwhelm and worry and concern about funds (Mercury, L1 is in the 8th combust). Additionally, she has had a very hard time emotionally as detrimented Moon in the 5th suggested, being concerned with happiness and fulfillment in relationship. More so the Moon just separated from Pluto showing some dark and disturbing emotional states or circumstances in the recent past. The moon is applying to square with planets in the 8th again confirming difficulty and obstacle in getting funds. Later on she posted her question in the session with me as “Should I stay here with my BF and try to get funds to continue in college, or come back home after breaking up with him?” the question was heavily revolving around both issues. Suhas Gokhale thumbs up for an excellent analysis! And Livia Cnst too

Elena Lumen Suhas Gokhale, a good intuition about her choice of career: she is a psychology student, and in some way her decision revolves around her professional future as well. But it is more concerned with should I stay here and keep the relationship, or break it and go back home. But Mercury also rules her father (who is the main funds provider for her studies) and notice its combust and afflicted in the 8th house. The chart in the session was strikingly similar to this one, just the Moon changed the signs. From this one I understood her query was about financial loss/strain, and that she was emotionally down and unfulfilled. Of course 5th house could have related to kids, and 8th house could have related to deaths or transitions of some kind. But noticing that her ruler was combust in the 8th and she was clearly alive and really wanting a reading, it seemed intuitively correct that the question was about finances. Also Morin writes, that if L1 is in the 8th, the querent is in great “fear and anguish of mind”
प्रश्न विचारणारी  जातकी अजून शिक्षण घेत होती , नोकरी करत नव्ह्ती, पण शिक्षण चालू ठेवायचे असेल तर आता पार्ट टाईम का होईना नोकरी करावी लागेल अशी परिस्थिती निर्माण झालेली आहेच !

आर्थिक अडचणी बद्द्लचा माझा कयास बरोबर आला!

जातकीचा शिक्षण / व्यवसाया बद्द्लचा माझा अंदाज ही अचूक ठरला आहे.

जातक अजून शिकत आहे आणि शिक्षण चालूच ठेवावे का घरी (मायदेशी‌) जावे असा प्रश्न असेल याचा वेध मात्र मला घेता आला नाही , हे मान्य !


हम होंगे कामयाब

होंगे कामयाब,
हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन
मन में है विश्वास, पूरा है विश्वास
हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन।
हम चलेंगे साथ-साथ
डाल हाथों में हाथ
हम चलेंगे साथ-साथ, एक दिन
मन में है विश्वास, पूरा है विश्वास
हम चलेंगे साथ-साथ एक दिन।

होगी शांति चारों ओर, एक दिन
मन में है विश्वास, पूरा है विश्वास
होगी शांति चारों ओर एक दिन।

नहीं डर किसी का आज एक दिन
मन में है विश्वास, पूरा है विश्वास
नहीं डर किसी का आज एक दिन।

– गिरिजा कुमार माथुर

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